A better way to keep your riders moving

Adapta enhances your transit agency's infrastructure with data-driven get to where they need to go, in a way that's right for them.

Reach riders where they are

Our rider-facing information systems allows your agency to free up call centre resources, and empower riders with the right information, at the right time.

  • Economical

    We don't charge based on ridership. We don't believe in penalizing you for helping make public transit your rider's primary mode.

  • Accessible

    Our products have accessibility baked in, allowing your agency to comply with AODA requirements easily. Our digital products support VoiceOver, TalkBack, and other accessibility technologies out of the box.

  • Inclusive

    We believe your riders have the right to accurate, up-to-date information, even if they don't subscribe to a data plan. Our information systems support phone-based interactive voice response, SMS, and over-the-top messaging services.

Make your system more flexible

Adapta's solutions for on-demand and demand-responsive transit allow users more mobility options, while reducing average trip lengths.

  • Realtime

    Our simplified operator interface allows operators to see requested stops, instantly, without requiring dispatcher intervention.

  • Accessible

    Our demand-responsive solution allows riders to request rides using multiple methods: phone, SMS, mobile app, and more.

Make data-driven decisions

All of our products are backed by a powerful metrics engine. Our metrics engine allows agencies to make data-driven decisions effectively and efficiently.

  • Built-in

    We've built metrics into the core of our platform, giving your agency complete visbility into how users are getting their information.

  • Powerful

    Our data analytics platform allows your data analysts to write SQL for the query just the data they need.

  • Integrated

    Our data platform can be integrated into your current business intelligence software such as Looker, Tableau, or Power BI, allowing you to draw insights across datasets. Alternatively, Adapta offers its own visualization service.

Expand your reach

With upcoming physical hardware devices, Adapta's products empowers agencies to make information readily available. Contact us if you are interested in joining our pilots.

  • Low Power Display

    Adapta's low-power display solution allows agencies to place information screens in remote locations without access to grid power. Adapta also supports displays showing information that is changed relatively infrequently such as stop schedules.

  • Audio Station

    Adapta's audio stations allows agencies to provide riders a non-visual means of getting realtime schedule information.

Ready to get started?

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